Snack Happy with Dapa Vending!

  • With Dapa Vending, you can snack the way you want! – We own all of our vending machines, so there is no commitment to a particular brand's items. Half of your office likes Pepsi, the other half wants Coke? No problem- with Dapa, you can stock both!
  • Dapa Vending is stress free. – All of our machines are synced to our specially designed program to allow us to keep track of what you need stocked and when.
  • Dapa is dependable! - Got a product that didn't dispense, or a dollar that didn't refund? We have a solution - quick, easy to access refund and service request forms readily available on our website! No more hassle of providing refunds!

Make Informed Snack Choices with Dapa Vending and FitPick!

FitPick® is a healthy vending and micro market labeling program, to help vending operators and consumers identify products that meet recognized nutrition guidelines. Today’s FitPick guidelines are easier to understand – maximum values on calories, fat, sugar and sodium – making it simple to see whether a product qualifies or not.

FitPick empowers consumers to make informed snack choices and helps ensure operators meet the latest recognized nutrition standards. FitPick is a smart and responsible choice for any vending or micro market operation.

  • FitPick identifies better for you snacks – FitPick appeals to all customers who want informed choice
  • FitPick is easy to use – recognizable stickers, labels and clings make it simple for users to identify FitPick items
  • FitPick involves no changes to machine or micro market functionality - it involves selection and variety of food choices that meet nutrition standards and a placement of stickers and thin films on machines and products
  • FitPick attracts a new consumer base – FitPick helps operators meet customer requests for healthy options with a recognized program that is easy to implement
  • FitPick helps operators meet latest recognized nutrition standards

"Dapa Vending cares about the hundreds of customers our machines serve each day, and work to deliver much-needed nutrition information that can lead to informed snack choices."


Click here for the 2015 FitPick Product List, showcasing the wide variety of healthy snack options that are available in Dapa Vending machines!


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