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Providing Snacks, Drinks and Breakroom Service


  • We provide top-notch, quality vending services to our customers while providing soda and snack machines to you, no charge to you, and no rental fees to worry about!
  • Dapa Vending will deliver vending machines to your site at no charge, and keep up with maintenance and repairs as needed, again at no charge to you.
  • There is no substitute for experience. Dapa Vending has been the leader in vending in the St. Augustine area for over 30 years! Some of our founding clients are still doing business with us. Ripley’s Museum is one of those clients - Believe it or Not!
  • Dapa Vending is local and always available to you. No need for you to purchase or stock products to service your customers - we take care of it all. Most importantly, your customers will have access to products 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!
  • If you are in the St. Augustine area and would like to add vending to your property, try Dapa Vending. You have nothing to lose!
  • What sets Dapa Vending apart from our competitors is our fast, dependable, professional service - where the customer comes first. Our core values are business, integrity, and customer service.

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